Hello loves!

Christmas is around the corner. T-minus 4 days to be exact!

I officially finished school for the semester just yesterday, so guess who needs to finish everything in a frenzy? That’s right, your girl Jazzy!

The tree needs to go up (I can’t find the ornaments anywhere), the baking needs to be done (any recipe recommendations?), gifts must be bought (why are men so hard to shop for?) and I need to finish wrapping everything (at least this part is fun).

Oh and did I mention, I have a craft show on Friday? I want to make a few more pieces as my Christmas sale has had my stock flying out the door! If you’re in the GTA be sure to check out Evergreen Brickworks’ Winter Village (admission is free!)

Sometimes in the flurry of the holidays, we forget to sit back and think about what is really important. I’m taking that moment now to be thankful for my team, my friends and my loving family. Everyone’s support has gotten me through this whirlwind of a year and for that, I am truly thankful.

Thinking of you all and wishing you the happiest of holidays…




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