Do YOU Need a Helping Hand with your Shop?! Here are Some Much-Needed Tips for New Etsy Sellers to Get More Sales!

Hey you,

If you’re reading this, I hope I caught your attention with my extravagant title – I really am here to help!

I started my Etsy shop JazzyandCo last February, so I have slowly been learning the tricks of the trade. I am by no means an expert, but I did want to share some tips that worked for me.

Firstly – do you have a shop icon and a banner for your shop? Is it simple, yet aesthetically appealing? You want the answer here to be YES. When people visit your page, your shop icon and banner are the first thing they see, and this sort of sets the tone of what they are expecting from your shop. If there’s nothing there, people will assume you are too busy to brand your shop, including fellow Etsy sellers, who are big shoppers! Get a banner and try not to go overboard. Something simple will do.

Secondly – do you have a LOGO? Trust me, this one is important. When I first started my shop, this was my unappealing and hideous logo (hindsight is 20×20 people! don’t judge!).

My Etsy logo when I first opened my shop.

At the time, I thought it was perfect and artsy and girly, but as my range of product listings grew, I realized my logo was not representing my shop or my products. I designed a minimalist logo once I realized this – now, I feel that my logo better represents my brand, in addition to setting a fresh and clean tone for my shop at a first glance.

My current Etsy shop logo – I designed it myself and I’m in love with the minimalism!

Thirdly –  try to analyze your shop from an outsiders point of view. Would you buy something from your shop? If the answer is no, I’m guessing your products are not being presented or described in the best possible way. You want to make sure that your products are photographed well, because shoppers cannot physically see your items. The best time for photography is on a cloudy day. You can always play around with simple photo editing apps to bring up the brightness in a photo, but it’s hard to edit out the sun’s glare. Just be sure to photograph near a window, and definitely under natural light. Natural light makes a big difference – try photographing one of your items in both light settings to see what I mean! Another tip would be to photograph on a light or white surface. I mostly photograph on a slab of marble that I picked up from Winners for $20 CAD. It’s made such a difference in my shop’s aesthetic appearance:

Before: photographing on a black stone. Dark initial appearance for an otherwise feminine item.
After: A white marble background, giving a fresh and aesthetically appealing look to the feminine bracelet.

In terms of your product description, try using it to encourage customers to buy your product. One of my suggestions is to try to give as many details about as possible, especially when it comes to size and measurements. I know this personally helps me visualize how the item will look in real life – I pull out my measuring tape when I’m shopping online so I can see the length and width of a product. This is important to avoid a disappointed customer, who thinks the item is a lot bigger or smaller based on your photographs. When I’m too lazy to measure the size of each product (it happens to the best of us!), I will usually photograph one of my pieces with my hand in the picture, so that customers have a slight idea of what the size is. I know it’s not a perfect method and it doesn’t substitute for measurements, but it does give a good idea to potential buyers for what they should expect when their item arrives.

Another tip for the description is to suggest how your product can be used – this makes potential customers visualize themselves using YOUR item, which brings them one step closer to purchasing from your shop.

Finally – reviews matter. Everyone wants to see 5-star ratings for online shop and it helps solidify their decision when they see that a lot of people have previously been pleased by your shop’s items and service.

I used to sit on my bum and wish for my customers to leave a stellar review once they received their item. But unfortunately, sugar-plum, life doesn’t work on wishes. I started shamelessly requesting a review from each of my clients, by means of a handwritten card I always sent with each item anyways – this is how I started to see more of a response.

At the end of my handwritten card, I usually say something like “I hope your experience with JazzyandCo was a great one. If you have a moment, would you please be able to leave a review for my shop for future shoppers? I would appreciate it with all of my heart“.

It really does work. If people are impressed with your shop and you do everything you can for that 5-star review, people will respond and ensure that you get it. Customer service sometimes feels like a dying art – let your shop be the reason someone smiles and I promise you will reap the benefits.

Anywho my loves, that’s all I have time for today. I hope this helps you a little with your shop and let me know if you’d like to read more posts like this one in the comments below!




Break Time!

Hello Loves!

I write this to you in the middle of my busiest week so far this year! Assignments, an upcoming exam, a new fitness regime and diet plan on top of orders on orders to prepare for my shop! How will she survive?

Although it was nice winding down and pigging out during the holiday season (who doesn’t love holiday feasts?!), it worked out very negatively for me. I feel as though I forgot how to be a functional human being! The bad eating and lack of exercise kicked in and made for the most lethargic version of myself I’d seen in months and I didn’t like it one bit. It wasn’t until a major blowout last week with my fitness coach and best friend, that I realized I needed to get my a** back into gear. I’ve had an ongoing goal for the past 3 years to lose weight, and it’s been coming off – slowly, but surely. Regardless, I want to challenge myself in 2017 and be the best damn version of myself.

I’ll use this post to tell you about some snack choices I make for myself when I’m very busy. As I am a vegetarian, my food choices are somewhat limited. My biggest issue is my intake of protein, without dairy. I do end up consuming a lot of dairy to hit my macros, but I make sure to take advantage of low or non-fat options. I also tend to get unsweetened versions – take Greek yogurt for example. I buy plain unsweetened Greek yogurt and mix in whatever I like! My favorite snack at the moment is a 3/4 cup of yogurt with a 1/2 cup of blueberries, and a touch of honey. The honey is not required at all because blueberries sweeten up the yogurt beautifully (damn that sweet tooth of mine!).


Another great snack which I get asked about is my green smoothie. I know…if you’re not used to it, it sounds gross. But I promise it’s the most amazing smoothie you’ll ever make.

I use 1 cup of almond/coconut milk, 1 banana and 2 cups of spinach and blend it all up. It’s very simple and if you’re new to green smoothies, it’ll help you ease into more intense ingredients like kale and ginger (both of which make excellent additions to this recipe).


Well that’s all I have time for today! Time to get back to the wonderful world of learning about psychology. Let me know if you enjoyed this post and if you want to see more like these!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your week.



Christmas is around the corner…

Hello loves!

Christmas is around the corner. T-minus 4 days to be exact!

I officially finished school for the semester just yesterday, so guess who needs to finish everything in a frenzy? That’s right, your girl Jazzy!

The tree needs to go up (I can’t find the ornaments anywhere), the baking needs to be done (any recipe recommendations?), gifts must be bought (why are men so hard to shop for?) and I need to finish wrapping everything (at least this part is fun).

Oh and did I mention, I have a craft show on Friday? I want to make a few more pieces as my Christmas sale has had my stock flying out the door! If you’re in the GTA be sure to check out Evergreen Brickworks’ Winter Village (admission is free!)

Sometimes in the flurry of the holidays, we forget to sit back and think about what is really important. I’m taking that moment now to be thankful for my team, my friends and my loving family. Everyone’s support has gotten me through this whirlwind of a year and for that, I am truly thankful.

Thinking of you all and wishing you the happiest of holidays…



My First Blog Post!

Ahhhh! My first blog post!

I’ve been dying to start a blog for…about 2 years now. I always made excuses as to why I couldn’t and once I started my Etsy shop, I had no time to even think about writing in my spare time – because I had none!

Before I get into my life and times, let me take a moment to introduce myself. The name’s Jazzy – and I am the owner of the Etsy shop JazzyandCo. My journey as a crafter started last year, when I was unable to find the perfect gift for a dear friend. I had a vision of what I wanted to get her, and my mom encouraged me to go ahead and put it together. From there came my first piece – Aria – and it’s been all uphill since! My greatest achievement as a shop-owner so far has been attending two craft shows as a vendor (I’ll be writing more about that in a later post). I want to continue to do great things with my shop and I have the best support system to keep me encouraged.

Outside of Etsy, I am a frazzled student and a proud doggy mama! I’ve always had a soft spot for dogs and when I was finally able to get one of my own 10 years ago….well you can imagine the tears of joy. I now have two pups (although one is 11 years old…so I don’t know if he can be considered a pup anymore!) My family recently adopted an American Bulldog puppy (whose going on 5 months now) and he’s definitely the life of the party. My pups are the ones I go to when I’m having a stressful moment/day/week/year (kidding…not kidding!) and they do a great job at cheering me up.

Well I’ve written my first, albeit self-centred blog post! One more thing off my bucket-list this year (woohoo!). I’ll definitely include blog posts with more substance in the future, including my craft show experiences, bucket list and my favourite things of 2016.

Until next time